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What's happening on your server?

(or, keeping track of your b3.log on windows)

When you successfully start the bot, the console only shows up that the bot was started. From there on you can't see what's happening on the server.

The b3.log keeps track of all things the bot does, and they're readable, it might be a bit hard to read at first, but all essential info is in the log.

Linux users can simply use the tail command to read along what's going on, but windows users don't have that command installed.

I can recommend two freeware packages available that do the same as the linux tail command, but in a windows environment.


  1. The first is a simple program called mTail and is available here:
  2. The second one is also freeware but has more feature for advanced usage, it's Log Expert:
There is no remote functionality in these programs, so you must install the tailers on the same machine as the bot.

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