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Manual Warnings

The warning system allows admins to design an easy to use ruleset for their server. Instead of constantly telling your guests the rules of your server, just !warn them.

For example,

In this example “camp” would be translated to the servers full length warning:

!warn PlayerName camp
WARNING (1): PlayerName stop camping or you will be kicked!
!warn PlayerName spam
WARNING (2): PlayerName do not spam, shut-up!

After a set number of warnings, B3 will temp-ban a player. Each warning is individually customized for the amount of time that the warning is active. When a player receives 3 warnings an alert message will be displayed. If after 30 seconds the warnings have not been cleared, the player will be temp-banned for a time relative to the warning expiration time.

The temp-ban time is based on the total number of days the individuals warnings are active for. The default setting is 1/30th of the total active time. See Admin Plugin Configuration for setting details.


(Based on a default duration_divider of 30)

  • 1 day total warning time (86400 seconds) will result in a 48 minute temp-ban
  • 1 hour total warning time (3600 seconds) will result in a 2 minute temp-ban
  • 5 minutes total warning time (300 seconds) will result in a 10 second temp-ban
  • 3 x 1d warnings = 2.4 hour temp-ban
  • 3 x 1h warnings = 6 minute temp-ban
  • 3 x 5m warnings = 30 second temp-ban
For a quick list of warning shortcuts, use the !warns command. To see what a warnings message is, use the !warntest command. To see how many warnings a user has, use the !warninfo command.

Automated Warnings

B3 will also automatically warn players on a variety of things. For example :

  • The Teamkill Plugin will warn players for team damage or spawn shooting.
  • The Censor Plugin will warn players using banned words.
  • The Spam Control Plugin will warn players for spamming.
  • B3 will warn user for using un-authorized commands.

Example Situation

An example situation is available here: Warning system - an example

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