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Stats Plugin

The Stats Plugin provide users with stats for the current map. Those stats are not persistent, they are not saved day after day like XLRstats does.


<configuration plugin="stats">
	<settings name="settings">
		<set name="min_level">1</set>
  • min_level: level required to be able to use the !mapstats and !testscore commands


  • !mapstats [<player>]: show your stats on the current map. If <player> is provided, then show that player's stats.
  • !testscore <player>: how much skill points you will get if you kill the player
  • !topstats: List the current top 5 players

Skill computation

The skill you earn by killing another player depends on the victim's skill. If you kill a high skilled player you will earn more skill points than if you kill a noob.

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