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Spamcontrol Plugin

The Spamcontrol Plugin will warn players who are spamming the chat zone.


<configuration plugin="spamcontrol">
	<settings name="settings">
		<set name="max_spamins">10</set>
		<set name="mod_level">20</set>
		<set name="falloff_rate">6.5</set>
  • mod_level: defines the level required to use the !spamins command. Also immunes players from spam warnings.
  • max_spamins: defines the maximum 'spamins' score tollerated.
  • falloff_rate: Each 6.5 seconds without writing message, a given player's spamins score is decreased by 1


  • !spamins <player> : display the current spamins score of <player>

How does the 'spamins' score is computed ?

Each time a player talks, the spamcontrol plugin update a 'spamins' score following the rules below :

  1. compute the current message's score :
    • if the message is repeated and colorized, message score is 5
    • else, if the message is repeated, message score is 3
    • else, if the message is colorized or message longer than 13 char, message score is 2
    • else message score is 1
  2. compute the gap
    • The 'gap' is the number of seconds between this message and the previous one.
  3. compute new spamins score
    • The spamins score is updated with the formula : new spamins = old spamins + message score - ( gap / falloff_rate )
  4. If the new spamins score is greater than max_spamins, then the user gets a warning.

People get warned too quickly

If you feel that people are getting warned/kicked too quickly you can adjust 2 values in the config file :

  • increase max_spamins
  • decrease falloff_rate

To get a better understanding of how those settings affect the computation of the spamins score, get a friend which is below mod_level (not immune :p ) to write stuff in-game while you use the !spamins command to track how your friend's score evolves.

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