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PunkBuster Plugin

The punkbuster plugin does not change the way B3 behaves in the way it kicks or bans, the plugin just adds a few automated tasks (syncing the pbbans.dat with the penaltydatabase) and commands (like taking screenshots). The plugin is therefore not mandatory (and only of use when using a PB enabled B3 in b3.xml).

If you have multiple servers and you set punkbuster to on, you share the database among the pb enabled servers and also make sure you have the same pbbans.dat file across servers, you have a very powerful and automated system that doesn't need any manual manipulation. You can even stream bans, but make sure you don't use the punkbuster plugin synchronisation (rebuildbans) feature, it will overwrite the streamed bans.

As long as you make sure the sync feature is disabled you will have a B3 that works very tightly with your games PunkBuster installation.


<configuration plugin="punkbuster">
	<settings name="commands">
		<set name="pbss">20</set>
		<set name="pbbuildbans">80</set>
	<settings name="settings">
		<set name="bans_file">~/cod/pb/pbbans.dat</set>
		<!-- crontab like time settings for when to rebuild bans file, 0 for never -->
		<set name="rebuild_bans">0 0 * * *</set>

You can disable the sync feature (rebuildbans) by setting:

		<set name="rebuild_bans">0</set>
When using streamed bans you should also make sure you don't use the !pbbuildbans command (or set its level to 110 in the config above…)

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