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This wiki was updated recently and all user accounts were reset. If you want to contribute to this documentation wiki drop me an email at xlr8or[at]bigbrotherbot[dot]net.


Pingwatch Plugin

The Pingwatch Plugin will write a message on screen to alert admins that a player has had a high ping for too long. The Pingwatch Plugin also provides the !ci command to allow admins to kick players with high ping.


<configuration plugin="pingwatch">
	<settings name="settings">
		<set name="interval">30</set>
		<set name="max_ping">500</set>
		<set name="max_ping_duration">90</set>
	<settings name="commands">
		<!-- The command level for !ci -->
		<set name="ci">20</set>
  • interval: how often should the bot check pings (in seconds)
  • max_ping: value above with a ping is considered high
  • max_ping_duration: for how long (in seconds) should a user have a high ping before getting notified
  • ci: Level required to be able to use the !ci command


  • !ci <player>: kick the player if he has a high ping. This means this command cannot be abused to kick anyone. Only people with high ping will be kicked.
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