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Login plugin

The login plugin adds a password check to authenticate admins above a given level. This comes in useful for games where authentication based upon guid only might not be absolutely full proof (subject to guid spoofing attacks for instance).

It works by requiring admins to type the !login <password> command to be recognized as an admin by B3.

This plugin requires players to provide their password by typing it in the chat ; it only makes sense to activate this plugin on games that support private chat so nobody can else can see the password


<configuration plugin="login">
	<settings name="settings">
		<!-- The lowest level for which login is required -->
		<set name="thresholdlevel">40</set>
		<!-- Level necessary to use !setpassword -->
		<set name="passwdlevel">40</set>
  • thresholdlevel : is the group level from which members will be required to use the !login command to be full authenticated
  • passwdlevel : is the group level from which members will be able to use the !setpassword command


!login <password>

The login command is used by users from level thresholdlevel and above to fully authenticate. A player from this group (or a group of higher level) failing to provide his password with the login command will be downgraded as a member of the regular group.

In order to keep the password secret, the player will have to type the !login command in a private chat channel or else other players on the server will see that password.

Depending on the game, you can either send a private message to yourself or some games have some kind of command prefix that when found as the first character of a chat will make this chat not to be displayed.

!setpassword <password> [name]

The setpassword command is used to set/change you own password.

If you optionally provide a name, it sets/changes the password of another player provided that this player is in a lower level group than yours.

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