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This wiki was updated recently and all user accounts were reset. If you want to contribute to this documentation wiki drop me an email at xlr8or[at]bigbrotherbot[dot]net.


Game Configuration

Some games require special configuration to work with B3.

All q3a based Games


All Quake 3 based games (cod, cod2, cod4, iourt41, q3a, wop) require you to set g_logsync to 2 in the game config. This setting causes the game log buffer to write to the log immediately instead of being buffered and only writing at map change or when the buffer is full.

set g_logsync 2

Urban Terror

set g_logsync "2"   //0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous, 3=append
set g_loghits "1"    // log hits which allows b3 to recognize headshots and xlrstats to provide hit location statistics

If you are running a patched UrT server that allows up to 64 players, set sv_minrate to 25000 to have stable pings and have B3 work smoothly

Smokin' Guns

Smokin' Guns' official website

set g_logsync "1" 
set g_debugDamage "1" // log hits

Soldier of Fortune 2

This game actually switches the settings…

set g_logSync "0"  // 0 = continuous logging, 1 = buffered logging
set g_logHits "1"  // set to 1 to log hits
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