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Becoming SuperAdmin

This is the default behavior. You don't have to edit any configs to enable this command on first run.

After successfully installing and configuring your B3 bot you'll start B3 for the first time. B3 will check for you if there are any SuperAdmins in your database. If not, B3 will enable the !iamgod command for the first player typing it in game.

So, it is wise to go in game immediately after starting B3 and typing !iamgod in chat, it will register YOU as the SuperAdmin and immediately and automatically disable the !iamgod command.

Manually overriding !iamgod

Only override the automatic feature when you absolutely need to. Don't forget to disable it or to remove the override afterwards!

You can override the automatic behavior above by adding to the plugin_admin.xml the next setting in the <commands> chapter:

Enable the command:

<set name="iamgod">0</set>

Disable the command permanently:

<set name="iamgod">none</set>

Removing the line will enable the automatic feature again.


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