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This wiki was updated recently and all user accounts were reset. If you want to contribute to this documentation wiki drop me an email at xlr8or[at]bigbrotherbot[dot]net.


Admin Plugin Configuration


<settings name="settings">

noreason_level: Minimum level needed to use !kick, !ban, etc. without giving a reason. Default 100

<set name="noreason_level">100</set>

hidecmd_level: Minimum level needed to use private commands. Default 60

<set name="hidecmd_level">60</set>

long_tempban_level: Minimum level needed to use a !tempban longer than long_tempban_max_duration. Default 80

<set name="long_tempban_level">80</set>

long_tempban_max_duration: How long is a temp ban duration considered to be a long duration. Default 1 day

<set name="long_tempban_max_duration">2d</set>

Acceptable duration suffixes can be found at time_suffixes

command_prefix: Default command prefix. Default !

<set name="command_prefix">!</set>

command_prefix_loud: Loud command prefix, see loud command prefix Default @

<set name="command_prefix_loud">@</set>

admins_level: Minimum level needed to be considered an admin/moderator. Default 20

<set name="admins_level">20</set>

ban_duration: How long to ban a user for with the !ban command. Default 14d

<set name="ban_duration">14d</set>


<settings name="warn">

pm_global: This setting determines whether the warning is sent to the the whole server, or just the player and admin, to reduce chatbox spam. 0 is whole server, 1 is private.

<set name="pm_global">0</set>

reason: Message displayed when a user is temp-banned from warnings. “%s” is where the reason goes. Default ^7too many warnings: %s

<set name="reason">^7too many warnings: %s</set>

alert_kick_num: After this many warnings a user will be alerted and temp-banned if warnings are not removed. Default 3

<set name="alert_kick_num">3</set>

instant_kick_num: After this many warnings a user is temp-banned without warning. Default 5

<set name="instant_kick_num">5</set>

tempban_num: After this many warnings a user is automatically temp-banned for tempban_duration. Default 6

<set name="tempban_num">6</set>

tempban_duration: How long a user is temp-banned for if he reaches tempban_num warnings. Default 1d

<set name="tempban_duration">1d</set>

max_duration: The maximum duration B3 will temp-ban for warnings. Default 1d

<set name="max_duration">1d</set>

message: The message prefix displayed when a user gets a warning. “%s” is the number of warnings the user has. Default ^1WARNING^7 (^3%s^7):

<set name="message">^1WARNING^7 (^3%s^7):</set>

warn_delay: How many seconds an admin has to wait before a user can be warned again. This is to prevent two admins warning for the same thing at the same time. Default 15

<set name="warn_delay">15</set>

duration_divider: The number used to divide the total warning activity time by to determine how long to temp-ban the user. Default 30

<set name="duration_divider">30</set>

alert: The alert message displayed when a user reaches alert_kick_num warnings. “%(warnings)s” is the number of warnings the user has. “%(name)s” is the user's name. Default ^1ALERT^7: %(name)s^7 auto-kick from warnings if not cleared (^3%(warnings)s^7)

<set name="alert">^1ALERT^7: %(name)s^7 auto-kick from warnings if not cleared (^3%(warnings)s^7)</set>

We know this is hard to grasp if you read the bare explanations. Here's an example situation explaining the settings in real life.

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