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3rd Party Plugins

All kinds of new features and functionality can be found in our 3rd party plugins download section. There are plugins that work for all games, but there are also plugins that work for specific games.

3rd Party Plugins Download Section

Installing a 3rd Party Plugin

After downloading the plugin of your choice, you should first unpack the file (unzip it). If a readme file is available you should read it because it will contain all necessary steps to successfully install the Plugin.

Generally these plugins should be copied into the /b3/extplugins/ folder and the config file (if available) in the /b3/extplugins/config/ folder.

Then the plugin should be added to the main b3.xml config file, inside the <plugins> section, like (for example) this:

<plugin name="xlrstats" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/xlrstats.xml"/>

When done, restart the bot and there you go.

In some strange, unidentified cases the plugins don't work in the /b3/extplugins/ folder. Try moving it to the /b3/plugins/ folder and the config to the /b3/config/ folder and modify the plugin line in the b3.xml accordingly. This solution helped some users fighting this problem.

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