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Support Disclaimer

General Support

  • On our Support boards (these are the boards in our Support Category only!) we aim to provide support for the B3-core1) in its current state. Older releases are not supported.
  • The other boards are discussion boards where you can discuss issues, share tips and tricks with other B3 users.
  • Modifications to the core B3 code are NOT supported.
  • Feature requests and/or requests for modifications to the B3-core is not to be considered support. Feature requests can be posted in our General Discussion board
  • Support topics will be closed when it's answered/resolved or after approximately 14 days of inactivity.


  • 3rd party add-ons such as plugins or modifications to B3-core plugins are not supported. Many plugins are contributed by other B3 users and they may not visit the forums very often. You may receive support in these forums by the author of the specific plugin or from other B3 users, but your question may also be left unanswered. In that case you should contact the author of the plugin yourself and directly ask for support. Do not spam or flame our discussion forums with your frustration.

Community Development

  • Our Community Development boards are a place to discuss B3 specific coding questions. This is not a place to learn python, but a place to exchange ideas and thoughts while creating patches or plugins.

The B3 Community

  • The users in the B3 Community participate in these forums by their own free choice. Disrespectful behavior will be dealt with immediately and result in a forum ban.
  • There is no obligation for any user (including the B3 developers) to reply to a topic. If a topic, request, support question remains unanswered that is bad luck. Perhaps you should phrase your question different or supply enough information for other users to be able to answer your questions.

PM (Personal Message) for support

  • Private Messaging for users is disabled on our forums. Some higher level groups can send PM's, but you will not be able to respond. If you need to contact the forum admin you can contact us through email. This way you can communicate sensitive or private information. Support requests will be ignored.
The B3-core is the code as available for download. All files in the latest source code package belong to the core

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