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When can I use B3?

  • B3 was designed to aid gameserver admins who own their own servers. The best way is to install B3 on the server where the game is running. In order to do that you need root/administrator access to the machine. B3 depends on python and MySQL, so you need the proper rights to install those two packages on your server.
  • There are also a number of gameserver rental companies that offer B3 as an additional service. In that case you most likely won't need to install anything yourself, the rental company will probably do that for you. Although B3 is totally free as a software package, you may find companies charging setup fees, or even monthly fees for their support and/or extra services. We, the developers of B3, do NOT receive any payments from companies, therefor you cannot revert claims or guarantees for paid services to us!
  • As a last resort, there is remote functionality available in newer B3 versions (when you use python version 2.6+). For the Frostbite engine (BF:BC2) this is not a problem at all. But if you rent a Q3A based gameserver (like UrT and the CoD series for instance) and the company does not grant you access to install python and MySQL, and when they also refuse to do it for you, you could install B3 on a different machine. B3 will need FTP access to the gamelog file on the gameserver to know what is going on, and it will respond over rcon (remote console). This way of installing B3 has the worst performance of all installation methods. It totally depends on internet connectivity and its performance. Also, the machine that has the remote B3 installation will have to be on and online 24/7, or at least while the gameserver is running, or it will be useless.
Looking for upgrade instructions? Here they are.


Installation of B3 can be a bit tricky if you do it for the first time, and it's a big challenge if you don't read the manual thoroughly! Since you have read the paragraph “When can I use B3?” you noticed three major installation scenarios, where in two of those scenarios we have to get our own hands dirty. We'll focus on these two:

  1. Installation on the same machine as the gameserver
  2. Remote Installation on a different B3 server

Pick one and hold that thought, because there is more to this. B3 depends on two external packages. Python as a language interpreter and MySQL for the database to hold all our collected data. Furthermore MySQL-python is needed to connect both packages and make them communicate properly. Before we continue we'll have to make a package decision.

B3 is written in a programming language called python. Since we have chosen to keep all our code open source and readable, we rely on the python interpreter that translates the readable code (compiles it) to executable machine code. This is why you need to install python as a language interpreter to be able to run the source code we provide in our source packages (also for the egg packages). Since the code in the windows installer is already compiled code, you don't need to install python if you choose that type of package.

Explaining the documentation text styles

An important -must read- message looks like this:

This is a very important note

Information for remote connection looks like this:

This information is for remote connection of B3 only.

An interesting -yet skippable- message looks like this:

This is very interesting if you want to know more about B3, how it works or it answers a common asked question

An ingame response of a B3 action looks like this:

[B3]: There was an error processing your command!

If you need to enter a command at the command prompt the documentation refers to it like this:

python -c b3.xml

Normal text like this is pure documentation, nothing else.

Preparing the installation

Preparing the installation is about making a choice what package to download. This should be suitable for your situation, your skill level in installing major packages and the prefered level of control you want to have.

The next page will bring you to the actual installation doc. You'll have to make a package choice there and the implications are explained at each option.

Also, each choice will show the number of installation steps to take, the less steps, the easier the installation procedures.

Three Installation Phases

The installation is devided in three major phases:

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