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Phase 3: Running B3

Running B3

You can run B3 from the command line when you've installed it as a source install or python egg.

  1. Open a command shell or linux screen session.
  2. Change to the B3 install directory
  3. Run specifying your config file:
python ./ -c /home/b3/conf/b3.xml

Command line options for running B3

python ./

Can be extended with these options:

-c, --config <path/configfile>

Running B3 specifying a specific config file. This option enables running B3 from one install for multiple gameservers when supplying different config files.

-r, --restart

This option will restart the bot after a shutdown or error.

-s, --setup

This option will run the B3 config wizard, prompting you for the config options and saving the config file in a proper xml format.

-n, --nosetup

This setup will NOT initiate the configwizard when running B3 while the config file is missing. This option is only of interest when running B3 in a scripted environment (ie. for GSP's).

Is B3 running properly?

A normal startup procedure will first check if a new version of B3 is available, in this case, we're running the latest version.

After a few seconds it will start up all functions of the bot and try to connect to its dependencies like the gamelog (on q3a based games) or the gameserver (on BFBC2 servers) and it will connect to the database.

The screen above indicates that B3 is running properly. It might however fail and tell you what is going wrong. See the common errors or the FAQ if something went wrong.

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