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This wiki was updated recently and all user accounts were reset. If you want to contribute to this documentation wiki drop me an email at xlr8or[at]bigbrotherbot[dot]net.


Phase 2: Preparing the environment

Phase 2 focusses on creating the environment necesary to run B3. Things like creating a database on the MySQL server, gathering important data from the gameserver, generating config files and stuff like that. You will probably have to do this only once.

Creating the database

  • Create a database in MySQL for B3 to use. Create a user that has full permissions on this database for B3.

You could also do this by running the script b3/docs/b3-db.sql on MySQL, but don't forget to edit the password in that file first.

To do so, either use:

mysql -u root -p<mysql password> b3-db.sql

Initializing the database

  • On the database you just created, import the b3.sql file located in b3/docs/ to create the tables and insert the initial values in your database.

This step solves the error

ERROR   Query failed - <class '_mysql_exceptions.ProgrammingError'>: (1146, "Table 'urt.groups' doesn't exist")

that you might find in your b3.log file

To do so, either use:

mysql -u root -p<mysql password> b3 b3.sql

Setting up B3's main config file

B3 main config file is called b3.xml by default. If you run the bot straight away, it will detect you did not properly setup the main config file and will walk through a config wizard where each setting is prompted with a short description.

If you don't want to use the config wizard you can also configure the main b3.xml config file using the manual config method or use our online Config Generator.

When choosing the manual config method please make sure you are using a proper xml-editor to make sure the xml syntax is correct!
We suggest you use Notepad++ with its XML plugin

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