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Code documentation convention

A file/module description needs to be added below the copyright notice just above the __author__ line:

## @file
# File/module description for Doxigen documentation
__author__  = NameGoesHere
__version__ = 0.0

Functions/methods need to be documented inside “”“ and ”“” like this:

def func():
   """Documentation for a function.
    More details.

Also for Classes:

class PyClass:
    """Documentation for a class.
    More details.
    def __init__(self):
        """The constructor."""
        self._memVar = 0;
    def PyMethod(self):
        """Documentation for a method."""

Maintaining a TODO list in the documentation

In order to generate a proper TODO list in our code reference you can add a @todo tag to a paragraph:

    ## @todo Documentation for something that needs to be done

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