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This wiki was updated recently and all user accounts were reset. If you want to contribute to this documentation wiki drop me an email at xlr8or[at]bigbrotherbot[dot]net.



Here's our BigBrotherBot Wiki! The place were we collect our knowledge and share it with you.

The buttons above will lead you to important parts of our collected information, or you may choose to use the search function in the lower right part of these pages.

If you are looking for our homepage or our forums, you can find it here.

B3 Cheatsheet

If you are a person with a graphical preference, here's our Cheat Sheet, a graphical representation of BigBrotherBot and how it connects to its surrounding components. A good place to start understanding B3.

B3 Code Reference

Are you a developer and looking for the B3 code reference (our API)? Here at we keep track of all classes, namespaces, functions and whatnot.

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